Tim Netzell

research Attorney
Admitted to practice in Arizona, Minnesota, and North dakota

Tim has been in the business of making real estate transactions easier for over 25 years. He has personal experience with every step of the legal process – from purchase agreements to closings and title insurance. 

A large portion of his practice is working with builders and developers. Tim has handled everything from land acquisition, construction, zoning and leasing. He has assisted commercial and residential developers to obtain, develop, and fill their subdivisions, retail spaces, and commercial buildings.

With extensive experience in purchase and leasing agreements, zoning, and regulatory issues, Tim provides his clients peace of mind. He aids clients across the real estate industry – from builders to buyers – as well as providing support to financial institutions and lenders. From start to finish, he is committed to making real estate transactions as seamless as possible.

Tim also has extensive experience in title insurance. Beginning in 1993, he built one of the largest independent title agencies in Minnesota, which at the time, was recognized as the Largest Remitting Agent in Minnesota for its underwriter

Being proactive is a key to success, and Tim prides himself on knowing what his clients need before they know they need it. Because of this, he still serves some of the same clients he did when he started practicing.

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