Mr. Freeman has over 30 years of experience in many areas of practice and has assembled a sizeable group of experienced attorneys in various business fields to address specific client needs. With this network of seasoned attorneys we provide experienced representation for our clients' needs.

Our proactive approach balances the protection of your rights with the anticipated costs. We will develop a plan for your matter than addresses the legal issues involved and the resources available to ensure the most efficient process. Most importantly, we want to help our clients understand the potential outcomes and both the economic and psychological impact of the alternative courses of action. If you have a need that extends beyond our areas of practice, we will partner with you to find the right expert to ensure all of your needs are addressed. Learn more about our broad capabilities below.

Corporate Bankruptcy

Our bankruptcy attorneys possess a reputation for professional excellence in bankruptcy, receivership and foreclosure proceedings. They have extensive experience in Arizona and other jurisdictions in the representation of secured and unsecured creditors in all aspects of bankruptcy representation; creditor’s committees; trustees in Chapters 7 and 11; and debtors in Chapter 11 reorganizations. In addition to providing general representation in bankruptcy proceedings, our attorneys are also well-versed in all areas of bankruptcy litigation, appeals, financial workout negotiation, and the development and implementation of strategies, both in and out of formal bankruptcy, to achieve the maximum benefit for our clients.

Are you, or is your company, facing financial challenges? If so, we can help you assess the alternatives and develop a strategic plan to overcome those hurdles. If you just received the notice of filing bankruptcy in the mail for a vendor, customer, or client, we are there for you to assess your rights and craft a pragmatic approach that protects your rights and carefully targets using your resources to pursue recovery.

Corporate Litigation

Our attorneys are well-known for their excellent trial and appellate skills in all areas of litigation before state and federal courts, arbitration panels and administrative agencies throughout the state. Recognizing the need for cost-effective representation, our attorneys endeavor to strategically move cases toward a timely and satisfactory resolution.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in commercial litigation, including complex litigation. We represent clients in business disputes involving banking, collections and foreclosures, bankruptcy, contracts, condemnation, construction, corporate and partnership matters, employment, estates and trusts, landlord/tenant, and corporate real estate issues.

We have state-of-the-art tools for communication, document control, research and litigation support, that allow for efficient and successful representation of clients in both straightforward and complex litigation matters. 

Real Estate Transactions

Our real estate attorneys have experience assisting clients across Arizona in acquiring, selling, and leasing real property from public or private parties, obtaining commercial financing, procuring rights-of-way, as well as disposing of surplus property. Among the services offered in this area are negotiations with developers; preparation of contracts for sale; creation of escrow instructions; review of title materials, surveys, and environmental reports; and preparation and review of closing documentation. We also prepare covenants, conditions and restrictions; reciprocal easement agreements; and similar documents for commercial and residential real property owners' associations.

Our real estate attorneys have negotiated with a variety of state and local governmental entities concerning the applicability of various state, county, and municipal regulations affecting real property and also have been involved in property exchanges with governmental agencies. Our real estate attorneys also assist clients with title problems, property liens, foreclosure, and property taxes.

No matter where in Arizona your real estate issue arises, we will be there to assist you with representation tailored to meet your needs.

Estates and Trusts

Our approach to estate planning and wealth transfer uses a much broader perspective than focusing on the avoidance of probate. Our attorneys have experience in the preparation of wills, testamentary trusts, revocable and irrevocable trusts, and insurance trusts.

We complement these traditional estate documents with entity structures that provide asset protection and significant flexibility for our clients to protect themselves and their future generations.

When the need arises as a result of the death or incapacity of a family member or relative, we represent clients in trust and probate matters as well as in related litigation relating to disputes that arises from trust and estate documents.

Other Services

The Firm represents clients in general business issues including planning and forming business entities such as profit and non-profit corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, and limited liability companies, as well as disputes regarding these types of entities. 

We provide corporate and contractual representation to businesses and professional entities, with advice on operations, professional service contracts, practice sales and purchases, business structures, employment matters, and corporate transactions.

We act as general counsel for clients, providing ready access to address business issues as they arise.


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This service helps you and your business identify and address potential legal issues before they develop into expensive problems.

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